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Simple Rules for the Rebound

Posted on September 15th 2011 by Admin

We all deal with disaster in different ways. It depends on how we were brought up and how much heartache we can take before we’re ready to cash in our chips. Whether you’re a guy or girl, and whether you were involved in a relationship for a week or for five years – splitting up and realizing that it’s over can be a damaging thing.

Some people will shrivel up in a corner and allow one failed relationship to destroy their lives, at least for the foreseeable future. Others, however, refuse to be deterred from happiness and immediately dust themselves off and jump back into the dating pool.

It’s a lot easier said than done, of course. Not everyone can automatically open themselves up to the idea of more potential rejection. But if you are amongst the men and women out there deciding to date on the rebound, there are a few things you should know before you dive in.

Rebounding Rules for Daters

Trust Your Instincts

You have to do what you feel is right in any situation. If it doesn’t feel right – if it feels too soon or like too big of a risk, then avoid the situation until you can find the right level of comfort. But if it feels like the right thing to do, even if it’s only weeks removed from the break-up, you should follow your gut in the direction it’s taking you.

Shoot for a Different Type

The odds are great that your “type” of guy or girl is the same “type” that things didn’t work out with. And if you go back even further, you might find that things have never ended well with this particular “type,” so what good is it? Date outside of what you believe your type to be. If you haven’t found happiness yet, then it’s obvious that your type is wrong. You’re probably working on attraction and not on reaction, and that’s the wrong approach.

Believe in the Word

Even if you feel you’ve completely lost your faith in men or women, never lose faith in love as a tangible destination you will one day arrive at. You can kick and scream and give up on dating until you’re really ready to rebound, but don’t believe that love is a myth or that love is unobtainable. Believing in love will help you rebound in the right way and not simply grab the first single you see.

Search the Social Circles

Many men and women ultimately realize that their true happiness was a little closer than they suspected. Millions of people coming out of failed relationships realize that their friends make better partners, or at least that their friends’ friends are ½ of a happy relationship. It’s a funny thing, but the more we mature and face heartache, the more we realize that having a friend as a lover—as opposed to a lover as a friend—is a great recipe for dating success.

Avoid the Fling

Many of us just want to feel good when we rebound. We’ll look for superficial romance, a one-night stand, or a quick little week-long fling. And we’ll ultimately sully any opportunity for happiness before we find it. Never go into any type of relationship with your mind made up on what it’s going to be. Never try to get involved in a fling. Stay open to the idea that this may be the start of a lifelong love affair.

Rebounding can be very tricky. What starts out as a way for you to forget the hurt and to experience joy can end up doubly disastrous if you’re not careful. Use these simple rebounding rules to stay on track.

Ten Things That Don't Matter about Men

Posted on September 6th 2011 by Admin

After so many novels and self-help books and Hollywood exaggerations of the average man’s quirks and hang-ups, many women have taken it upon themselves to put their foot down on a guy’s throat for the slightest little thing out there.

We all know that if a guy is mean or a cheater or a liar, these are definite deal-breakers. But because he wears a pair of socks you don’t like, Sally-Come-Lately says in her surprisingly-best-selling book that he’s not marriage material. On what planet does this make sense?

Look, ladies, there are many things about guys that you should care about, but there are also many things about him that do not matter and should not matter to you in the slightest. If you can let go of the things that don’t matter and focus on the ones that do, you’ll find that your relationship flows a lot more smoothly.

Top Ten Meaningless Things about a Guy

1: His Style of Dress

So, he wears pleated khakis, shirts that don’t button and suit jackets without cufflinks. So what? His style of dress is something that’s really meaningless in the context of a relationship. As most women find out, they can easily change the small stuff they don’t like, and he is not likely to put up much of a fight.

2: His “Dorky” Habits

Unless he’s suiting up every month to visit a Star Trek convention, his dorky habits shouldn’t matter to you at all. A lot of women see these habits as a sign that he’s not “the one,” but they could be missing out on a great guy.

3: His Fridge’s Contents

So he doesn’t eat as healthy as you do and doesn’t carry a fresh bag of microbiotic bean sprouts. Oh, no – the world’s gonna end! Seriously, get over it. It’s only food; there are more important things to worry about.

4: His Lack of New-Age Social Graces

If his Facebook account only has a dozen or so friends, a lot of women immediately think something must be wrong with him. But why? Not everyone’s in to this new-age social media. Maybe he’s old fashioned, and maybe that’s a good thing.

5: His Horoscope

If his sun doesn’t align with your moon, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed. Some women focus too much on the mystical stuff and not enough on what they feel for a man. This can lead to disaster and leave you alone.

6: His Kissing Prowess – or Lack Thereof

Actually, your man being a shoddy kisser may be a good thing. Women, for whatever reasons, seem to want men who can immediately sweep them off their feet with a kiss or knock their socks off in the sack. But how much experience does that type of man have? Odds are, the sock-knocker-offer isn’t a one-woman Joe.

7: His Viewing Equipment

One of the more trite things women today let matter to them is their man’s entertainment equipment. An old box-shaped TV and a desktop from 2001 do not matter at all.

8: His Taste in Music

This is yet another thing that shouldn’t matter. If he likes country music or the blues while you like rock, it isn’t the end of the world.

9: His Mani/Pedi Habits

This is something a lot of women focus on, believe it or not. Some girls will pitch fits to no end if their men don’t regularly receive a manicure or pedicure. Well, this is totally meaningless. Don’t focus so much on the small stuff – like an uberlong thumbnail!

10: His Own Book

Guys might not walk in lockstep with the advice articles and dating columns and how-to-meet-Mr.-Right books you’ve been reading. This doesn’t mean he isn’t a good guy. Above all, you have to go with your instincts and what you know about him. Just because Author X says he should do this and shouldn’t do that, that doesn’t mean she’s in tune with every guy on the planet.

Some things about a man do matter, but these ten things on this list are meaningless to a relationship.

Reasons You Should Be Dating Geeky Guys

Posted on July 26th 2011 by Admin

If you’re one of the many millions of women out there chasing the muscle-bound, great-looking guys of the world, don’t feel bad. On many levels, it isn’t your fault at all. The process of natural selection hard codes us with a genetic predisposition of what we think the best mate is.

Then there are society’s standards. After being preconditioned to believe that the strapping, bronzed male with a good hairline is the best choice for you, it’s hard to look at a skinny guy with glasses and believe you can find happiness.

And it’s not that you wouldn’t be happy with him. You know in your heart that you probably would be content with any guy you shared love with. It’s more that you worry society won’t allow you to be happy – your friends will balk at the idea of dating a geek.

Well, here’s some news you may not have been suspecting: Women dating the proverbial “geeky” guy are often happier than women who chase around those J Crew catalog hunks. And here’s why.

Five Reasons to Date a Geek

The Worship Factor

Trust me: this guy has also been conditioned to think that he can never land a hot girl. Not only will he inevitably worship the ground you walk on, catering to your every need, but he’s also far less likely to cheat on you with some floozy who just comes along. He won’t be going out to bars or clubbing. When he says he’s going out with his friends, you can be that they’re talking about biology and not women’s bodies.

The Memory

Geeks are typically smart, and this means they have great memories. They know what Captain Kirk said to Spock in the third season of the original Star Trek, so they’ll definitely remember your birthday and your anniversary and every other date that’s important.

The Money

Yeah, we just got through saying it – they’re smart! This means most of the guys you consider geeks will ultimately land a good career, having gone through college and received good grades. What’s that former high-school quarterback doing today? Oh, he probably changed your oil last week. The geek, however, probably helped to design the computer system for the car you drive.

The Emotional Melding

If you need a guy who can sympathize with you and understand when you’re going through some drama, the geek is where it’s at. This type of guy is able to emotionally meld with you like few other guys on the planet. They feel your pain because they feel a lot. They’re empathetic characters.

The Quality Time

Face it, ladies. After it’s all said and done and you’re through with trying to show off some arm candy, what you really want is a loving, caring guy with whom you can hold down a conversation and actually spend quality time without hearing the line, “Hey, baby, let’s go do it.” The geeky guys of the world can actually carry on a stimulating conversation by using words larger than two syllables. They’ll also cherish the time with you and allow you to call the shots in the bedroom.

Dating a geeky guy isn’t for everyone. Some women have allowed society’s image of a man to penetrate their psyche on such a strong level that they actually take on the role of playing a bully, being mean to the geeky guy and shunning him in every way.

This is not only childish; it’s also detrimental to your overall happiness. If you think the jocks of the world are going to love and respect you, you have another thing coming. Those guys we all call geeks are actually at the top of the food chain, we just never realize it until it’s too late.

Cool Summer Date Ideas

Posted on July 15th 2011 by Admin

If you were to ask most happy couples, they probably wouldn’t have a problem with things getting a little hot and heavy and occasion. But when July and August roll around, it’s not the heat that’ll get ya – it’s the humidity!

Yeah, the intolerable, sticky heat can easily ruin the mood, send you on a one-way trip to Crankyville, and leave you and your partner sitting in front of the AC in an attempt to cool your heads.

Don’t let the summertime usher in the blues, however. There are many fun and sexy date ideas you can use to keep cool. With a little imagination and a whole lot of caution to the wind, you and your partner can cool things down significantly before you decide to heat the place up.

Five of the Coolest Summer Dates

1: Take a Cold Shower

How can a shower qualify as a date? Well, maybe you’ve never been stuck inside in the summer without air conditioning. Stepping inside the shower with your partner can be extremely romantic and definitely passionate. The cold water will help you beat the heat. Perhaps the best part about this idea, however, is that you’ll never have to worry about the cold water running out. You can stay in there the entire night if you want. 20 minutes to an hour = shower. An all-nighter = legitimate date.

2: A Game of Poker

What better way is there to cool off than to start losing pieces of your clothing? This is where a game of poker can help – strip poker, that is. Not only will losing a few articles of clothing help you to stay cool, but poker is also very entertaining. It’s competitive and fun. Your partner will obviously want to keep his or her clothes, and you’ll want his or her clothes to fall off first. But there are no losers in this game. You can get a little heated while cooling off.

3: Take a Dip

There’s just something very exciting about sneaking down to the river bank or the lakeside late at night. What makes a date idea like this even more exciting is letting your inhibitions loose by shedding your clothes and skinny dipping. Yes, this is the perfect way to stay cool in the summer. The water may be cold, but your evening will definitely get a little steamy when you let loose to jump in the water without clothes.

4: We Scream for Ice Cream

This is the type of date idea you’d expect kids to go on, but there is something truly romantic—and definitely cooling—about taking your partner to the local ice cream parlor or roadside stand or even the Dairy Queen. Sharing a sundae or splitting a mega shake can be very intimate. And the below-freezing nature of the candy confections will absolutely cool you down in a hurry. For startup daters, this is unquestionably the rated-PG summertime date destination for you.

5: Non-HD Theater

With the way cinema has evolved, most people enjoy sitting at home in front of their 42-inch, wall-mounted plasma screens to watch the latest date movie. But this is boring, and depending on the weather outside, a little stuffy too. Instead of sitting in or going to a local cinema, take this opportunity to go with a throwback date idea by visiting a drive-in theater. The open-air atmosphere of a drive-in is the perfect place to cool down while having a fun date.

These five summer date ideas can help keep you cool when the weather starts to put a damper on your mood. From jumping in the shower for a few hours to getting your sugar fix with a double-choc-o shake, these dating ideas can certainly keep you entertained for an evening.

The Top 10 Most Annoying Female Habits

Posted on June 27th 2011 by Admin

We men know full well that you women are picky and moody and harder to please than our mothers. In an ironic twist of torturous fate, that’s why we cling to you so desperately in the first place. For every one thing we absolutely love about you, there are about one hundred things we could certainly do without.

Women and their annoying habits have been driving men to drink for millennia. Why do you think Pharaohs were buried alone and some men choose God and celibacy over marriage?

Every female out there has an annoying habit or few, and if you think you’re somehow different and do not drive us batty, check out this list and you’ll find yourself perfectly explained.

1: Nagging

So, we didn’t call or didn’t remember that it’s your step-father’s cousin’s birthday? So what!? You don’t need to nag our ears off for hours at a go; and what’s worse is that you keep the nag on file, holding a grudge about it for literally decades.

2: Slow Driving

We’re not asking you to burn rubber like Richard Petty, but it’s the big pedal on the right, honey! Push it a little bit. It won’t kill you. Driving like you’re 90 is head-splittingly annoying.

3: The Concert Laugh

When you’re talking on the phone or in person to one of your friends, that uber-loud screech and laugh makes us want to punch holes through the wall. Why the sudden burst of hysteria? It doesn’t make any sense.

4: The Cut-Off

Okay, we might be insensitive at times, but using sex to extort us is the primary reason men watch porn and cheat. When you come in with that habitual headache, we know that you’re holding out because of something that happened two weeks ago. And it’s annoying.

5: Overdramatic

The dog peed on the rug. Like, OMG! Really? I guess the world is gonna end now! Stop acting so overdramatic at every little turn in the road. Take a deep breath and use your inside voice.

6: Inopportune Conversation

You do not need to talk about Kathy’s so-called “funny” job interview with 2 minutes left in the basketball game. All you want to do is force us to choose – you or the game. This is one of the most annoying things ever. If we didn’t choose you already, we’d be at the bar watching it.

7: Hours Long Preparation

Hey, Tammy Faye, we’re only going to Arby’s! It should not take you 2 hours to get ready. Makeup, hair styling, nails, earrings, the outfit – it never ends. Throw on a t-shirt and let’s go.

8: Disinterest

It seems like every time we want to really do something, even if you pretend you’re into it, you’ll put on that disinterested face the entire time, sitting there fiddling with your fingernails and making the gas face. Just stop; it’s really annoying!

9: Preaching

The only time you should be standing on a soap box is to get us the chips out of the cabinet, shorty. You don’t need to keep it your pocket to preach to us about every little thing. Oh, sweet Jesus, that preaching is annoying.

10: Comparisons

This is one that you definitely do on purpose. Comparing us to the previous men in your life is malicious and nasty and only done so you can be a nag!

As men, we do not expect you ladies to make an effort to stop annoying us. But we do expect you to realize that this is why we act the way we do! It’s not easy to be with you, and the fact that most of you hit 9 for 10 on this list is exactly why you have longer life-spans than we do.

The Top 10 Most Annoying Guy Habits

Posted on June 16th 2011 by Admin

Men of the world listen up: you’re annoying!

Sometimes it’s like you make the effort to annoy us simply to drive us through the wall while you laugh it up and bask in the glow.

Look, we love you guys, when you really get down to it. We can’t—nor would we want to—make it without you. But there’s just something in those emotionally detached brains of yours that causes you to annoy the life out of every woman on the planet.

Oh, you don’t think you’re annoying? That’s even worse! If you’re clueless about your annoying little habits, then maybe there’s truly no hope for you after all.

Check out this list of the top ten most annoying guy habits. If you are on this list, please, get off of it!

1: Hair in the Sink!

Shaving or trimming your beard and leaving hair in the sink is just outright nasty. It is definitely one of the most annoying things you can do.

2: Toilet Seat UP!

Yes, we know by now to look down before we sit. But that’s not the point. You miss the target, dribble everywhere, rarely flush, and to top it off you leave the seat up like you want the world to know you just marked your territory.

3: Not calling us!

Saying that you’re going to call us and then never calling is really annoying. It hurts. More than that, though, it’s just something a jerk does.

4: Lying about Your Height!

If you’re 5-7, be 5-7. Tom Cruise is. Ryan Seacrest is. Many men are short. Don’t lie and say you’re 5-10; we all know how tall you really are.

5: Drinking too much!

Nothing ruins the night quite like a few drinks turning into a yelling, screaming, fighting, babysitting-fest where we have to put you to bed because you cannot stop with just one drink.

6: Killing us with Crack!

Some of you guys out there have cute butts. Most of you do not. And even if it’s Brad Pitt’s butt, we do not—I repeat, do not!—want to see your butt crack. Pull those jeans up and wear a belt!

7: Tighty Whities!

Every pair of white underwear in history eventually turns yellow in the front and brown in the back, and you guys couldn’t care less about it after a few months. Tighty whities are not flattering; they are not appealing at all. They’re nasty and annoying.

8: Drooling over Inanimate Objects!

We have to basically torture you in order to pry a compliment from your lips about how we look, but the first time you see a sports car or a motorcycle or a nice truck on the road, your eyes glaze over and you stare at it like a zombie, daydreaming about snuggling up with it.

9: Playing the Victim Card!

We hate to hear how hard you have it. We want strong, confident men, not whiners who can’t carry the weight on their shoulders. We have girlfriends to complain with. We need a rock at home.

10: Pouting!

So, you asked about my ex but don’t like the answer? Tough! Don’t go giving the silent treatment, sighing and pouting about things all the time, looking for reassurance of our love.

Seriously, if you’re on this list, do what you can to get off. Annoying us only costs you in the long run, so make a little effort to be the exception and not the rule.

Example of a Bad Online Dating Profile

Posted on May 11th 2011 by Admin

Bad Dating ProfileIt’s often difficult to tell people about yourself if you’re not in an actual conversation with them. Although one in five relationships today begins online via a dating website, it’s still a little bit tricky to sum your life up in words and through texting. How can you ever know if you find the right person?

Your dating profile is going to tell the tale, more than likely, so you need to make sure you take your time to create a winning profile. There are many ways to do it correctly and also many ways to do it poorly. In this article, we will take a look at a live profile and tell you exactly why it’s “bad.”

The idea, of course, is to learn how not to do it so that you can create a pleasant profile that will attract quality people to you. Any guy or girl with an attractive photo and a tag line of “single” can draw some attention, but you’ll never find your proverbial Mr. or Miss Right by shooting at fish in a barrel. Instead, you need to attract the right type of fish – the keepers in the world.

So, before we go any further, let’s look at the example of a bad online dating profile above.

Now, at first glance, this looks like a young woman who has taken the time to craft a profile. And she has. She has uploaded quite a few photos, which is always a good start. She has taken her time to fill out a lot of her options instead of just breezing through it without answering. These are steps in the right direction. However, she completely misses the goal when it comes to describing who she is as a person and what she wants out of a partner.

Of course, we could have used some Johnny or Jane-come-lately, whose efforts were totally absent in the process, uploading no photos and failing to fill out any information other than some “asdkfdalajdua” and “blah-blah” nonsense. But we thought this profile to be a better example. It’s actually almost a complete profile. It just completely misses the mark.

First and foremost, she makes absolutely no effort to divulge information about previous relationships. And while that is understandable, you will notice that it turns into a trend when she is prompted to tell people about her interests. “Lots of stuff” is not an engaged answer.

Why is it important to list your interests? Well, you need to attract likeminded singles if you’re serious about a relationship. A girl who likes to hike and bike might not hit it off well with a guy who likes to loaf around and watch sports. People need to know about you, who you are, and what you do and what you want out of a relationship.

When you get to the “About Me” section, she completely misses a golden opportunity to say anything meaningful. A song lyric from the Meat Puppets and an over-punctuated pirate squeal hardly constitutes as pertinent information.

Take a lesson from this profile. If you are actually going to take the time to create a profile and upload photos and fill out your answers, then make them deep and informative. You do not have to spill your soul out, but you still want people to know what type of person you are and what you expect to get out of your time on the dating site.

If you cannot do that, then perhaps you shouldn’t be using dating websites in the first place.

Creating a Good Online Dating Profile

Posted on May 4th 2011 by Admin

Looking around for love via a dating website can be a tricky thing. First and foremost, you really have no clue exactly what type of person is on the other end of the screen. Is it a nice, caring, gentle guy or gal, or is it someone like Ted Bundy!? Judging from a picture or a tag line alone, you can never be certain.

That’s why having a well-constructed profile will always help you land dates with honest people. It’s hard to explain your entire life or personality through a profile, but actually making the effort to do so will go a long way to letting other people know that you’re a trustworthy, serious person.

Think about which person you would trust more – the one with a blank profile or the one putting forth some effort to explain his or her intent? The profile with more information on it comes across as friendlier, more honest and more open to a real relationship.

Let’s take a look at some of what makes a dating profile a good profile. There is no one set formula to creating a good online dating profile, but there are steps you can follow to ensure your profile is the best it can be.

Good Online Dating Profile

Good Online Dating Profile

In the pictures above, you can see that this profile is thorough. The first thing you will notice is that there is not many “N/A” or “I’ll tell you later” options selected. This individual woman is seriously looking for a partner and is willing to take the time to lay out what she wants.

It may seem trivial, because these initial options are so easy to check, but taking that extra 30 seconds to be honest will really help a reader gauge what type of person you are. Your education, your marital status, your habits, whether or not you want children, etc – it is all painting a picture of who you are.

The “About Me” and “First Date” sections (they will be titled differently depending on which dating website you use) are really what sell this profile as being “good.” As you can see, Jennifer is not aloof or tip-toeing around what type of person she is. She doesn’t get into a novel’s worth of information about herself, but she does a great job of summing up what she wants out of her entire experience on a dating site. And that’s what people should emulate when creating a profile – tell people what you are after instead of leaving things up in the air.

In the “First Date” section, you can pick through what Jennifer writes and deduce that she is an honest online dater, serious about meeting a great guy she melds well with. She isn’t simply dishing out some ad hoc, stereotypical dating ideas. She lets it be known that her “ideal” date depends on the type of guy she meets.

From this entire profile (not all Jennyjack1’s photos are shown here; but a good profile also contains pictures), you can tell that Jennifer is a girl taking online dating seriously and has taken the time to construct a good profile.
Keep this structure in mind when filling out a dating profile. Be real, be honest, be open, and be serious about dating.

How to Start Up a Conversation

Posted on April 22nd 2011 by Admin

It’s tough sometimes to find the right things to say, especially if you barely know someone. Check out these great conversation starters.

The ability to communicate is something we’re all blessed with. Most of us can speak or wink or let our body language clue people in on what we’re feeling. Communication was an important part of our evolution. But just because we can do it does not mean we’re any good at it.

Some of us have a great deal of trouble attempting to spark up conversations with strangers. In a perfect world, things would work out rather easily. Guy sees girl. Guy says perfect funny thing. Girl smiles and laughs and accepts date proposal. Couple lives happily ever after.

In this world, however, things do not always work like that. Guy sees girl. Guy panics and stutters. Guy says something ridiculous, possibly even spraying spittle on girl’s shirt. Girl cringes in disgust. No one gets through the next five minutes happy, much less forever.

Making conversation is all about starting conversation. Once you get over that initial hurdle and actually break the ice, continuing to communicate is something that takes over naturally, like running after learning to walk.

We’ll go over some ice-breakers in this article that should help you to strike up a conversation with someone, no matter who they are.

Breaking the Ice in Conversation

1: Point out the Parity

Parity, not to be confused with parody, can be described in this context as something you have in common. If you want to break the ice, it always helps to seek out what you share in common with the person, making the proverbial “small talk.” This could be the same iPhone, the same lunch item ordered, the same type of clothing, or anything else you find has immediately similarity.

2: Genuine Intrigue

Sometimes a “cheesy” line is not that cheesy at all if you truly mean it. For example: if that girl across the room has the most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen, she’ll know that you’re not just saying that. This type of ice-breaker is a little harder to deliver, as you may feel more embarrassed to shoot someone a compliment over something you find intriguing. But it does work.

3: Killing with Kindness

More often than not, the simplest ice-breakers are the best ice-breakers. You might read those self-help books and try those elaborate setups until you’re blue in the face and still won’t be able to spark up a genuine conversation with a stranger. But by simply smiling and saying hello, you’d be surprised at just how effective that really is. Being nervous can even be seen as an endearing quality here.

4: Current Events

Now, you want to stay away from anything political or religious these are hot-button issues that people are very passionate about. But something like a reality show or the royal wedding – you can sneak in there and break the ice by asking in a Seinfeld-like way “What is the deal with ____?” It’s funny, very nonthreatening, and most are receptive to it.

5: Census Worker

Unless you’re trying to speak with random people in the street, you’re probably in a building or at an event of some sorts. Asking people what they think of the place or the event is a great way to spark up a friendly conversation.

These five ice-breakers are great. Why only five? Well, each category gives you a limitless number of possibilities within. The most important thing isn’t what you use to break the ice but rather how you approach the topic.

You should always be warm and friendly, making sure to smile without looking like a creepy person. Keep your tone soft and keep things like flirting and touching far, far away from the conversation.

What you’re looking for here is something that’s called a “feeler bet” in poker. You want to put the ice-breaker out there to see if the other party is receptive. If so, you should keep the conversation moving along with more small-talk niceties and other general comments until you can ease into more of a conversation. Once the rapport settles in and you’re comfortable in the conversation, that’s when the real progress is made.


Top 10 Fun Date Ideas

Posted on March 9th 2011 by Admin

Couple SailingTrying to find something fun and exciting for both you and your partner to do on a date can be quite difficult at times. Try these fun date ideas to spice things up.

Most of us are fully aware that relationships have a habit of going stale on us. The truth of the matter is that it isn’t the other person in our lives. It’s simply the repetition. Yes, we are creatures of habit, but what we aren’t are creatures of the unordinary and dull. We need to be stimulated.

One reason some relationships hit the skids, sometimes before they even get started, is due to boring dates. Dinner and a movie, a walk and a show, some dancing and drinking – it’s all too easy and too boring.

Check out these date ideas to bring the fun back into your relationship.

1: Boating/Sailing

People like going to the beach to enjoy the sun, sand, water and weather. But the idea of a beach date is old and boring. Have some fun—and take the eye candy out of the scenario to put the attention on you!—and board a sailboat for a tour of the harbor or to do some tuna fishing.

2: The Minor Leagues

Going to a sporting event can be fun, until you come across the screaming, yelling, standing, cheering, drunk, abusive-language-using fans. Without them, the setting would be perfect to have some fun while spending quality time together. A minor league sporting event (think of a hometown team) gets rid of the idiots and allows you to actually have fun.

3: Snow Bound

The idea here is to go have fun in the snow (now the yellow snow, please). You can ski, sleigh, build a snowman together, let your girlfriend hit you in the face with a huge chunk of ice to play the sympathy card, and just get cold and happy so you can warm up and get romantic later on. Mother Nature can bring the fun if you let her.

4: Orchard Hopping

“Fun” does not have to be “frantic.” People get them confused too often. The adrenaline doesn’t need to flow in abundance to have a good time. Visiting an orchard, riding in the back of a tractor, being out in nature, picking some apples, trying to show off by climbing up trees – this type of date is totally underrated when it comes to having fun.

5: Partnering Up for the Hunt

Ah, don’t worry; we’re not shooting Bambi here. Most towns and cities these days have little cliques around organizing scavenger hunts. Imagine the Amazing Race on a small scale, just you and your partner, no cameras and no real pressure. You can have some fun trying to accomplish a goal here.

6: See the Wild

Going to the zoo is okay, but actually being out in nature is really fun. A safari in Africa would be ideal. But that’s also expensive. There are many guided tours you can take throughout the US, Canada, Europe, etc, that will bring you up close and personal with bears and wolves and wolverines and other creatures of the wild.

7: Become Entrepreneurs

Hit shows like Pawn Stars and Antique Road Show and Auction Hunters have created a trash-into-treasure craze that can really be fun for you and your partner. Going to an auction somewhere, whether it’s for a storage trailer or for some antiques, can be super exciting – and it might just pay off with a huge profit.

8: Wheels instead of Legs

Horseback riding has always been thought of as a fun date. But horses are sometimes stubborn and they’ve been known to drop a deuce right in your purview, really killing the romance. Leave the horses in the stable and hop on an ATV, like a dirt bike or a four-wheeler. You can blaze your own trail on one of these.

9: Gamble Together

If one of you went out by yourself to the casino, it might cause a rift in the relationship. But if both of you go, you can enjoy some games, some entertainment, take in some history, eat some great food, and have an awesome date that could end up in a comp suite and some big winnings.

10: Look Down on the Sights

Taking a bus tour is okay. Walking or biking certainly gives you quality time. But flying the friendly skies on a date and seeing the world from an entirely new angle is a date idea that could be some serious fun.

If you thought about it, you could run down a list of 400 fun date ideas and never have to do the same thing twice. Some might not end up being as fun as you thought. Others you thought would be a hoot might end up putting you to sleep. But you never know unless you try. Falling into a pattern of boring dates can kill your relationship. Try and have some fun and watch that spark remain constant.



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