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Archives for March 2011

Top 10 Fun Date Ideas

Posted on March 9th 2011 by Admin

Couple SailingTrying to find something fun and exciting for both you and your partner to do on a date can be quite difficult at times. Try these fun date ideas to spice things up.

Most of us are fully aware that relationships have a habit of going stale on us. The truth of the matter is that it isn’t the other person in our lives. It’s simply the repetition. Yes, we are creatures of habit, but what we aren’t are creatures of the unordinary and dull. We need to be stimulated.

One reason some relationships hit the skids, sometimes before they even get started, is due to boring dates. Dinner and a movie, a walk and a show, some dancing and drinking – it’s all too easy and too boring.

Check out these date ideas to bring the fun back into your relationship.

1: Boating/Sailing

People like going to the beach to enjoy the sun, sand, water and weather. But the idea of a beach date is old and boring. Have some fun—and take the eye candy out of the scenario to put the attention on you!—and board a sailboat for a tour of the harbor or to do some tuna fishing.

2: The Minor Leagues

Going to a sporting event can be fun, until you come across the screaming, yelling, standing, cheering, drunk, abusive-language-using fans. Without them, the setting would be perfect to have some fun while spending quality time together. A minor league sporting event (think of a hometown team) gets rid of the idiots and allows you to actually have fun.

3: Snow Bound

The idea here is to go have fun in the snow (now the yellow snow, please). You can ski, sleigh, build a snowman together, let your girlfriend hit you in the face with a huge chunk of ice to play the sympathy card, and just get cold and happy so you can warm up and get romantic later on. Mother Nature can bring the fun if you let her.

4: Orchard Hopping

“Fun” does not have to be “frantic.” People get them confused too often. The adrenaline doesn’t need to flow in abundance to have a good time. Visiting an orchard, riding in the back of a tractor, being out in nature, picking some apples, trying to show off by climbing up trees – this type of date is totally underrated when it comes to having fun.

5: Partnering Up for the Hunt

Ah, don’t worry; we’re not shooting Bambi here. Most towns and cities these days have little cliques around organizing scavenger hunts. Imagine the Amazing Race on a small scale, just you and your partner, no cameras and no real pressure. You can have some fun trying to accomplish a goal here.

6: See the Wild

Going to the zoo is okay, but actually being out in nature is really fun. A safari in Africa would be ideal. But that’s also expensive. There are many guided tours you can take throughout the US, Canada, Europe, etc, that will bring you up close and personal with bears and wolves and wolverines and other creatures of the wild.

7: Become Entrepreneurs

Hit shows like Pawn Stars and Antique Road Show and Auction Hunters have created a trash-into-treasure craze that can really be fun for you and your partner. Going to an auction somewhere, whether it’s for a storage trailer or for some antiques, can be super exciting – and it might just pay off with a huge profit.

8: Wheels instead of Legs

Horseback riding has always been thought of as a fun date. But horses are sometimes stubborn and they’ve been known to drop a deuce right in your purview, really killing the romance. Leave the horses in the stable and hop on an ATV, like a dirt bike or a four-wheeler. You can blaze your own trail on one of these.

9: Gamble Together

If one of you went out by yourself to the casino, it might cause a rift in the relationship. But if both of you go, you can enjoy some games, some entertainment, take in some history, eat some great food, and have an awesome date that could end up in a comp suite and some big winnings.

10: Look Down on the Sights

Taking a bus tour is okay. Walking or biking certainly gives you quality time. But flying the friendly skies on a date and seeing the world from an entirely new angle is a date idea that could be some serious fun.

If you thought about it, you could run down a list of 400 fun date ideas and never have to do the same thing twice. Some might not end up being as fun as you thought. Others you thought would be a hoot might end up putting you to sleep. But you never know unless you try. Falling into a pattern of boring dates can kill your relationship. Try and have some fun and watch that spark remain constant.



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