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Archives for July 2011

Reasons You Should Be Dating Geeky Guys

Posted on July 26th 2011 by Admin

If you’re one of the many millions of women out there chasing the muscle-bound, great-looking guys of the world, don’t feel bad. On many levels, it isn’t your fault at all. The process of natural selection hard codes us with a genetic predisposition of what we think the best mate is.

Then there are society’s standards. After being preconditioned to believe that the strapping, bronzed male with a good hairline is the best choice for you, it’s hard to look at a skinny guy with glasses and believe you can find happiness.

And it’s not that you wouldn’t be happy with him. You know in your heart that you probably would be content with any guy you shared love with. It’s more that you worry society won’t allow you to be happy – your friends will balk at the idea of dating a geek.

Well, here’s some news you may not have been suspecting: Women dating the proverbial “geeky” guy are often happier than women who chase around those J Crew catalog hunks. And here’s why.

Five Reasons to Date a Geek

The Worship Factor

Trust me: this guy has also been conditioned to think that he can never land a hot girl. Not only will he inevitably worship the ground you walk on, catering to your every need, but he’s also far less likely to cheat on you with some floozy who just comes along. He won’t be going out to bars or clubbing. When he says he’s going out with his friends, you can be that they’re talking about biology and not women’s bodies.

The Memory

Geeks are typically smart, and this means they have great memories. They know what Captain Kirk said to Spock in the third season of the original Star Trek, so they’ll definitely remember your birthday and your anniversary and every other date that’s important.

The Money

Yeah, we just got through saying it – they’re smart! This means most of the guys you consider geeks will ultimately land a good career, having gone through college and received good grades. What’s that former high-school quarterback doing today? Oh, he probably changed your oil last week. The geek, however, probably helped to design the computer system for the car you drive.

The Emotional Melding

If you need a guy who can sympathize with you and understand when you’re going through some drama, the geek is where it’s at. This type of guy is able to emotionally meld with you like few other guys on the planet. They feel your pain because they feel a lot. They’re empathetic characters.

The Quality Time

Face it, ladies. After it’s all said and done and you’re through with trying to show off some arm candy, what you really want is a loving, caring guy with whom you can hold down a conversation and actually spend quality time without hearing the line, “Hey, baby, let’s go do it.” The geeky guys of the world can actually carry on a stimulating conversation by using words larger than two syllables. They’ll also cherish the time with you and allow you to call the shots in the bedroom.

Dating a geeky guy isn’t for everyone. Some women have allowed society’s image of a man to penetrate their psyche on such a strong level that they actually take on the role of playing a bully, being mean to the geeky guy and shunning him in every way.

This is not only childish; it’s also detrimental to your overall happiness. If you think the jocks of the world are going to love and respect you, you have another thing coming. Those guys we all call geeks are actually at the top of the food chain, we just never realize it until it’s too late.

Cool Summer Date Ideas

Posted on July 15th 2011 by Admin

If you were to ask most happy couples, they probably wouldn’t have a problem with things getting a little hot and heavy and occasion. But when July and August roll around, it’s not the heat that’ll get ya – it’s the humidity!

Yeah, the intolerable, sticky heat can easily ruin the mood, send you on a one-way trip to Crankyville, and leave you and your partner sitting in front of the AC in an attempt to cool your heads.

Don’t let the summertime usher in the blues, however. There are many fun and sexy date ideas you can use to keep cool. With a little imagination and a whole lot of caution to the wind, you and your partner can cool things down significantly before you decide to heat the place up.

Five of the Coolest Summer Dates

1: Take a Cold Shower

How can a shower qualify as a date? Well, maybe you’ve never been stuck inside in the summer without air conditioning. Stepping inside the shower with your partner can be extremely romantic and definitely passionate. The cold water will help you beat the heat. Perhaps the best part about this idea, however, is that you’ll never have to worry about the cold water running out. You can stay in there the entire night if you want. 20 minutes to an hour = shower. An all-nighter = legitimate date.

2: A Game of Poker

What better way is there to cool off than to start losing pieces of your clothing? This is where a game of poker can help – strip poker, that is. Not only will losing a few articles of clothing help you to stay cool, but poker is also very entertaining. It’s competitive and fun. Your partner will obviously want to keep his or her clothes, and you’ll want his or her clothes to fall off first. But there are no losers in this game. You can get a little heated while cooling off.

3: Take a Dip

There’s just something very exciting about sneaking down to the river bank or the lakeside late at night. What makes a date idea like this even more exciting is letting your inhibitions loose by shedding your clothes and skinny dipping. Yes, this is the perfect way to stay cool in the summer. The water may be cold, but your evening will definitely get a little steamy when you let loose to jump in the water without clothes.

4: We Scream for Ice Cream

This is the type of date idea you’d expect kids to go on, but there is something truly romantic—and definitely cooling—about taking your partner to the local ice cream parlor or roadside stand or even the Dairy Queen. Sharing a sundae or splitting a mega shake can be very intimate. And the below-freezing nature of the candy confections will absolutely cool you down in a hurry. For startup daters, this is unquestionably the rated-PG summertime date destination for you.

5: Non-HD Theater

With the way cinema has evolved, most people enjoy sitting at home in front of their 42-inch, wall-mounted plasma screens to watch the latest date movie. But this is boring, and depending on the weather outside, a little stuffy too. Instead of sitting in or going to a local cinema, take this opportunity to go with a throwback date idea by visiting a drive-in theater. The open-air atmosphere of a drive-in is the perfect place to cool down while having a fun date.

These five summer date ideas can help keep you cool when the weather starts to put a damper on your mood. From jumping in the shower for a few hours to getting your sugar fix with a double-choc-o shake, these dating ideas can certainly keep you entertained for an evening.


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